How are we Different?

Cash 4 Homes Delaware is owned by BCC Investment Properties, LLC.  We are Real Estate Investors and have been in the business of Buying, Repairing and Selling homes since 2012 and have an A+ Rating with the Better Business Bureau.  We have also been voted as TOP Builder by First State Favorites on multiple occasions.

We flip houses full time 365 days a year!  Many of our competitors only do this Part Time and only Wholesale Properties, that means they find home sellers and get their property under contract then turn around and sell these contracts to us, Investors.

Take a minute and listen to Pete in the video below, he will explane the difference between Wholesalers and Investors.

Why are we different


As Pete explained, finding an Investor like us is usually a better option!

How do I know if I am working with an Investor or a Wholesaler?

An Investor who flips properties:

  • Actually has Cash or Funding to buy your home or land.
  • Has a team in place consisting of Contractors, Attorney(s) and Realtor(s).
  • Has a state Business License.
  • Has an LLC or Corporation.
  • Usually Invests and Flips Full Time.

If the person you are speaking with can not answer yes to almost all of the items above, they are probably a Wholesaler.

If you are ready to speak about selling a home or land that has become a problem for you, please fill in one of the boxes on our website or call us for a fair CASH offer and remember we can buy your property FAST!